Saturday, August 12, 2006

tales from the dome

tales from the dome

so i went to the white sox game last night at the dome.
i saw a handful of sox fans...donning their black and white proudly.
passing each other through the stands, there were a few silent nods of recognitiion.
the unspoken comradery.
a kid with mustard smeared all over his face pointed to me as i climbed the stairs...."look, there's another white sox fan."
as if we were a
sight to be seen.
yes, there were just a few of us, but we were there.
and when this 19ish year old kid wearing a torn metallica shirt pointed to my shirt and said, "the sox sucks", I yelled back and said, "who's in first place, dood. who's in first place."
thank goodness for those four summit pale ales
and a dome dog.

the mouse has spoken...and was heard....


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